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The purpose of the Committee is to provide recommendations to improve network policies and while improving internet speed and avoiding the unwanted unethical use of the internet during office hours. The committee will comprise of a network of individuals predominantly from the Department of physical science. The committee will provide a set of recommendations in different perspectives of networking and internet usage of the Vavuniya Campus. The recommendations will be provided to solve the current issue in internet speed and improper use of the Internet. The committee will devise policies on network and internet provision to the stakeholders of the Vavuniya Campus of the University of Jaffna.


Current Members of the Committee 2023

Mr.S.ThirukumaranSenior Lecturer, Department of Physical ScienceChairman
Mr.K.PratheepanSystem Engineer, Dept. of Physical ScienceMember
Mr.G.VijayakanthanLecturer (Prob)Member
Mr.G.NaveendrakumarSenior Lecturer, Dept. of Bio-ScienceMember
Mr.T.Jeyamugan Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Physical ScienceMember
Mr.N.Edwin LinoshSenior Lecturer, Dept. of Physical ScienceMember
Mr.K.Santhanakrishnan Instructor In Computer Technology, Dept. of Physical ScienceMember