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Many of the students admitted to the faculty come from environments where the school and home have not given any exposure to English language skills development. Because the students admitted to the faculty comes with low z-score which is also related to poor English language skill in general. Hence, it an important need to expand the English language skill development through the CALL lab and enhancing the CALL gives confidence, independence, flexibility in learning the English language skills through Self-centered Learning and Outcome based learning. ELT and ELL are supported by IT facilities.

University education needs the provision of an integrated English education through the development of lingual, literary, intellectual and research skills of students to meet the contemporary global requirements. The university needs to ensure the graduation of proactive individuals in English competence and performance. The present generation prefer learning and using English virtually through computers, Internet, Social media, software and smartphones. The Computer Assisted Language Labs sessions will be of tremendous use and of utility to learn and use English in real time and space.

Sub ActivitiesPlan
4.1 Developing general IT skills relevant to ELL using CALL lab• CALL LAB
• Staff workshops for digital English Language teaching laboratories
4.2 Developing English language skills using specialized ELL and ELT software.• ELL and ELT software
• Workshop for students/staffs on ELL and ELT software
4.3 Training both the students and the staff in facing national and international English examinations such as UTEL and IELTS.• UTEL, IELTS, TOEFL Software
• Workshop for students and staff on UTEL, IELTS, TOEFL

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