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As Vavuniya Campus is located in the northern war-torn region, it is essential to address the students’ issues as they come from many parts of the country. Therefore, it is necessary to provide infrastructure and equipment facilities to the students which will transform their personalities enhancing soft skills and socio-emotional skills so that they can make their own initiatives in cultural, educational, aesthetic, economic, and social projects.

Developing socio-emotional skills through student initiative is an essential task. These skills should be coupled with the industrial field training so that the graduates will mold and cast a round personality attractive to the employers as well as to society. This will help them break the old knots of outdated traditional outlooks on society’s culture and learning. Instead, it will pave the way for them to think out of the box and do useful.

The stakeholders of this activity will be the students, staff, and the community. The students and the staff should be the mediators and moderators between the community and the conventional rigid socio-political, socio-cultural, socio-economical constructed structures and processes. The community should be flexible enough to allow the intervention of the university community to jointly move forward.

Sub ActivitiesPlan
3.1 Promoting students’ initiatives to disseminate knowledge and skills through community outreach programsMobile Stage with Canopy
Smart huts with Solar Panels
Community projects with student societies (Rooms for student societies) and Competitions and workshops
3.2 National and international university collaboration connected to mentoring.Workshops for students on cutting edge technologies
Hands on training in new emerging technologies
Inter-university competitions and workshops
3.3 Enhancing employable skills among the students through product development and marketing.Yoghurt production unit.
Workshops and Staff Training for on Healthy foods and Eco-friendly production
Supporting (self-marketing) student projects on Environmentally Friendly products
Construction of Wetland and Aquaculture Units and related Workshops
Training on Computer Hardware Software troubleshooting

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