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In the modern era, in developing countries like Sri Lanka, education prioritizes employment. The government is struggling to give state employment opportunities to the graduates who lack field experience, industrial interest, employment-oriented learning, and interest in private sector employment. The SLQF gives importance to the application and practical side of theories and education in the degree programs. Therefore, it is indispensable to incorporate this activity to make the graduates marketable and employable. This activity will instill a positive mindset towards private sector employment.

Vavuniya Campus is located in the northern region it is very difficult to find leading IT based and Software development industries where the students of ICT and Computer Science can follow their internships. Also, for the environmental science students, many of the companies and organizations are enriched in southern Sri Lanka. Therefore, it is essential to empower the industrial relation of the faculty in collaboration with industries from all over the country. It will bring many advantages to the students and staff. The students will be able to get appropriate industrial and employment opportunities. The staff of the faculty will get an opportunity to build collaboration with the research and development team of the industries. This linkage and network will facilitate obtaining funds for potential research. The stakeholders of the activity will be the students, teachers, employers, industries.

Sub ActivitiesPlan
2.1 Establishing a career guidance focal point in employment feasible location in Colombo to enhance internshipsRenting a career guidance unit at Colombo
Recruiting consultant for career development
Signing MoUs and Agreements with companies
2.2 Organizing Career-based activitiesOrganizing Career fairs
Workshop for Students on CV preparation and interview skills
Industry-University joined collaborative projects and meetings
Video Conferencing room and facilities and Workshops
2.3 Establishing field-oriented initiatives Workshop for students on entrepreneurship
Field Visits

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