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The objective of the activity ‘Enhancing learning activities based on OBE-LCT’ is to boost the infrastructure facilities of existing lecture halls and laboratories in the Faculty of Applied Science. The faculty has been unable to adopt modern OBE-LCT approaches in the over curriculum comprehensively in the past due to the prolonged conflict, lack of infrastructure, and human resources. Recently the curriculum has been revised to accommodate the SLQF and OBE-LCT approaches. Hence, it is necessary to reforms the laboratories and lecture halls equipped with standards equipment which help the students to learn through LCT and OBE approaches with friendly and interactive lecture halls and laboratories.

The stakeholders of this activity will be the students, teaching, and non-teaching staff members of the faculty. The students have responsibility as well as benefits mutually. They should actively participate in this useful learning based on OBE-LCT So that they will become competent and confident graduates of the faculty. The academics staff and non-academic staff should create, organize, implement, and maintain the practices, systems, and facilities of the OBE-LCT teaching-learning program.

Sub ActivitiesPlan
1.1 Establishing three student-centered laboratoriesHigh performance computing Laboratory and Workshops
Multimedia Laboratory and Workshops
Environmental Molecular Laboratory (including Advanced Microscopic System) and Workshops
Software Handling Training Programmes
Training on handling Hazardous materials and safety measures
1.2 Developing students’ skills using an interactive smart lecture hallSmart green LCT Lecture Hall
Workshop on Wi-Fi and trouble shooting
1.3 Enhancement of curricula to adopt SLQF and internationally accepted benchmarks. Curriculum Revision
Workshops and Meetings on Curriculum revision

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