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Strengthening the delivery of teaching-learning activities through online learning is an urgent need in the present pandemic of Covid19. Currently, the students are asked to stay at their home to prevent the spreading of the Covid19. Although, the Government of Sri Lanka works together with the entire World taking multiple measures to overcome the Covid19, it seems the disease is going to stay with us for a longer period, maybe for another year. In this scenario, Faculty of Applied Science should develop a safer teaching practice, which is going to be online distance learning. Faculty of Applied Science planning to  conduct online teaching in combination with traditional classroom teaching through LMS. All it needs to improve the capacity of the existing LMS along with adequate training for staff and students to maximize the utilization of the existing system. Alongside the use of the LMS, now there is a need to convert the existing syllabus to suit the online distance learning from classroom teaching as much as possible. This must be done without compromising the existing degree programs.

The stakeholders of this activity will be the students, lecturers, experts (resource persons), and some technical staff (LMS administrator and server administrator).  The students and lecturers will conduct online teaching-learning activities via a well-established infrastructure. While the experts will help to convert the existing syllabus into sections that are deliverable online, technical staff will maintain the infrastructure.

Sub ActivitiesPlan
6.1 Converting the existing syllabus into sections that are deliverable onlineFacilitation on preparing and converting online Materials for AMC/IT degree programme
6.2 Training both the students and the staff in using Learning Management SystemWorkshop in Distance Learning for staffs and students
Providing online teaching materials to staffs
6.3 Enrichment of existing infrastructure of Learning Management System (LMS)Facilitation on Installation and configuration of LMS server

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