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The Faculty Handbook is a guide to the student and staff of the Faculty and is designed to present general information such as University policies and practices as they apply to the Faculty of Applied Science and the Vavuniya Campus. The Handbook is compiled from a number ‘of sources and is maintained by the Dean’s office. Every Faculty member should be familiar with the Faculty Handbook. This Handbook must be updated with amendments made with the approval of the University and the suggestions highlighted by the Standing Committee on Science of the University Grants Commission to maintain uniformity across the Science Faculties.

The Committee on the Faculty Handbook shall receive proposed changes to the Handbook in matters of University governance, including Faculty services, policies, and responsibilities.

Committee Members

The committee shall be composed of


The Functions of the Faculty Handbook Committee shall be to

Current Members of the Committee 2023

Dr.R.NagulanSenior Lecturer, Dept. of Physical ScienceChairman
Mr.T.JeyamuhanSenior Lecturer, Dept. of Physical ScienceMember
Mr.G.NaveendrakumarSenior Lecturer, Dept. of Bio-ScienceMember
Ms.R.YasothaSenior Lecturer, Dept. of Bio-ScienceMember