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 The purpose of the web committee is to facilitate the System Analyst Cum Programmer to collect information or suggestions from the members of the committee, staff, and students of the Faculty of Applied Science Vavuniya Campus about improving the Faculty of Applied Science’s website, to make recommendations to ensure its improvement, to facilitate a design update of the site, and to maintain quality of the site.


Current Members of the Committee 2023        

Mr.B.Yogarajah Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Physical ScienceChairperson
Mr.G.VijayakanthanLecturer (Prob.)Member
Mr.N.Edwin LinoshSenior Lecturer, Dept. of Physical ScienceMember
Mr.G.NaveendrakumarSenior Lecturer GrII, Dept. of Bio - ScienceMember
Mr.T.KartheeswaranLecturer (Prob), Dept. of Physical ScienceMember
Mr.K.SanthanakrishnanInstructor In Computer Technology, Dept. of Physical ScienceMember
Mr.S.GopinathInstructor In Computer Technology, Dept. of Physical ScienceMember