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Vavuniya Campus is geographically away from the technologically enriched capital city of Sri Lanka, cutting edge laboratory facilities, number of scientists, and potential experts. Therefore, the enhancement of the research capabilities of students, guided by the staff, through improved silo-free laboratories with fully-fledged facilities, will make the staff and students work on knowledge domain of regional importance. This activity facilitates undergraduate/postgraduate research programs and many international publications and patents to the faculty.

Sri Lankan graduates are far behind and to be far ahead is developing research skills, creating new knowledge and disseminating the new knowledge to the world through publications. This activity will facilitate postgraduate research programs and many international publications and patents to the faculty. These research laboratories will help to attract the national international researchers and make lot of collaboration and scholarship opportunities. This activity will improve the University and webometric ranking.

Sub ActivitiesPlan
5.1 Strengthening the research capabilities of students (and staff) using research laboratoriesComputer Vision and Embedded System Laboratory and Workshops.
Student Conference /Symposium
5.2 Facilitating students in organizing community workshop for disseminating their research findings on burning community and environment-related issuesCommunity workshop on current burning issues
Development of Faculty Website
5.3 Establishing student centered fully facilitated manuscript development laboratoryManuscript writing Lab.
Plagiarism Tool
Workshop on accessing scientific articles
Workshop on plagiarism detection tools
Workshop in Postgraduate Studies Opportunities for students and staff
Workshop on Research Methodology/Scientific Writing

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