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Posted On 9 Nov, 2022

Plant distribution program by Students’ Union of FAS – Silver Jubilee Celebrations

“To avoid a permanent deterioration in biological diversity, development projects should really be conducted in a way and at a timeframe that prevents doing so.” 

Considering these facts and to emphasize this untold truth to the world, the Faculty of Applied Science, University of Vavuniya, outlined a unique mesmerizing event on 26th October 2022 to mark their 25th Anniversary Celebrations of the faculty. The Students’ Union of Faculty of Applied Science, University of Vavuniya, took the lead in organizing this event.

As one of their programs, anniversary celebrations proceeded with a free plant distribution event organized by the Students’ Union of the Faculty of Applied Science. The faculty’s idea to distribute plants for their anniversary to the residents of the University proximity (Rajenthirakulam) is an attempt to depict how planting even a solitary or a handful of trees could have a serious influence. The purpose behind the plant distribution program highlighting the sole prospect for cleaner air and a clean environment is trees.

The Faculty of Applied Science student members have distributed fruity plants like dragon fruit saplings, passion fruit saplings, cashew plants, and Jack plants where the residents can enjoy the profit of their small attempt to plant trees.

The event began at around 14.30.  Ms Ruvensha marked the outset of the event with her welcome speech, followed by a remarkable speech from the Senior Treasurer, Mr. Naveendrakumar emphasizing the history of fund collection activities of the Student Union and the importance of maintenance of the freely supplied distributed plants to people. Next in line was Ms. Keerthana’s speech which prioritized the event’s purpose and the importance of the trees, listed all possible reasons to safeguard trees from its threats, different species of trees, and their significance. The event was concluded by a vote of thanks from student Ms. Pavithra on behalf of the Student Union and also with feedback and thanking note from Mrs. Ranjani on behalf of the villagers.