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Posted On 17 Apr, 2021

Postgraduate Opportunities for Students & Junior Staff

The workshop on postgraduate opportunities was held under AHEAD operation of the Faculty of Applied Science on April 17, 2021. The workshop was organized for the special degree students and junior academic staff of the faculty of Applied Science from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm at the computer laboratory of the Faculty of Applied Science, Pampaimadu, Vavuniya Campus. The workshop facilitated by the resource person, Dr.T.Pathmathas, Senior Lecturer, Department of Physics, University of Jaffna. This workshop was organized to train the participants of the Faculty of Applied Science about the essential elements of getting research postgraduate opportunities in ranked universities, especially in overseas and scholarship funds, under AHEAD/sub-activity 5.3. 55 participants participated in the workshop.

The following core concepts were covered in the workshop:
• Search and shortlist the perfect Research Postgraduate Degree/University/Supervisor/Scholarships
• Contact referees in advance
• Contact potential research supervisors / write emails
• Prepare personal statement/CV
• Write research proposal/face interview
• Apply online through the university website

The workshop was conducted successfully and many of the participants took active part in full-time of the workshop. The summary of the results from the feedback of the participants shows that the workshop contents well received by the participants.