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Python Essentials: Learn Python from scratch

Python is a very popular programming language that accommodates the recent trends. It helps to learn the basics of programming in an easy manner, and it is widely used in various business sectors for web development, machine learning, data science, etc. Python surpasses many leading programming languages and is still on the rise. The motive of this course is to prepare the learners for employment in software development that including writing codes as a junior developer, as well as designing computer systems and performing software testing. Completing the courses can serve as a springboard for learning any other programming language or exploring technologies based on Python (e.g., Django). The introductory courses stand out for their affordability, friendliness, and accessibility to students. All courses start from the basics, then teaching the students gradually to resolve complex problems and prepare them to be responsible software creators, capable of taking on a variety of tasks in a variety of IT positions.

Target group

The ideal candidate who would earn this certification will be anyone interested in learning Python and modern programming techniques. This course has been designed specifically for students with basic knowledge or new to programming and Python, especially:

Aspiring programmers and anyone interested in learning programming.


The only preliminary requirement is the ability to use a personal computer and very basic knowledge of mathematics and English.

Application deadline:

22nd of Nov 2022

Commence date : 15th of Jan 2023

About the course

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Course coordinator: Ms R.Vaishali, Department of Physical Science, FAS

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