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Mr. T. Kartheeswaran

B.Sc. (Hons) in ICT (Jaffna, SL), M.Sc. in Computer Science (Peradeniya, SL) Ph.D. (Reading)

Lecturer (Prob.) (On Study Leave)


Academic Records
  • Ph.D. (Reading)
  • M.Sc. in Computer Science (Peradeniya, Sri Lanka)
  • B.Sc. (Hons) in ICT (Jaffna, Sri Lanka)
Admin Roles


  • Student Counselor, Faculty of Applied Science
  • Member, Handbook Committee, Faculty of Applied Science
  • Member of Web Committee, Faculty of Applied Science

Previous Position

  • Lecturer (Probationary) in Computer Science and Technology (Feb 2015 – Dec 2016), Department of Computer Science and Technology, Uva Wellassa University, Badulla Sri Lanka


  • H.D.P.Geethma , Smart Restaurant, Mobile App and Web Design Project, BIT External Degree Program , University of Moratuwa.

Resource Person

  • Resource Person, Fair Use of Social Media and Awareness, Youth Service Council, Vavuniya
  • Resource Person, Science Project Planning and Design, School Students, Mannar District

Institutional Development

  • Contributed to develop a new curriculum for the IT degree programme, Department of Physical Science, Vavuniya Campus, 2018
  • Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  • Advanced Computer Networks
  • Computer Architecture and Assembly Language Programming
  • Operating Systems
  • Mobile Computing
  • Fundamentals of Programming
  • Rapid Application Development

Research Interests

  • Bioinformatics and Computational Precision Medicine
  • IoT
  • Parallel Computing (CUDA)


  • FARS 2021

International Conferences

  • Amalka Iloshini, P.A. , Wijesinghe, M.W. A. C. R., Kartheeswaran, T.  Weerasooriya, W. M. P. S., Dots Witer: Prediction of Potential Cancer Driver Genes using Hybrid Approach, IEEE-ICAC,2019, SLIIT.
  • Yanusha M., Kartheeswaran,T.,Lojenaa,N., Usability and Accessibility Analysis of Online Banking Systems in Sri Lanka, IEEE-ICCIC,2018, IEEE
  • C.M, Wijerathne.G.S , Fernado.P.E, Kartheeswarn.T, “Detection of Solar Flares Using Image Processing Techniques”, 2017,ICSIP-2017. Mysore, India pp 84-87
  • Kartheeswaran,T, Gopinath,S, Lojenaa,N, Senthooran,V, “Usability and Accessibility Analysis of Government of Websites of Sri Lanka” ,2016, IEEE TENSYMP 2016, Bali Indonesia
  • Sharad B. Jadhav, Shriram D. Raut Vikas T. Humbe, T. Kartheeswaran, “A Low-Cost Contactless Palm Print Device to Recognize Person based on Texture Measurement” Savitribai Phule Pune University Sponsored National Conference on “Mechatronics”,2016

National Conferences and Abstracts

  • Bavaram, K; Kartheeswaran, T; Edwin Linosh, N, “Counterfeit Arduino Board Detection Using Image Processing”, Vavuniya Campus, Faculty of Applied Science, First Annual Research Session – 2020, 02 December 2020.
  • Jayanitha,S.,Kartheeswaran,T.,Ethical, Legal and Social Issues in Bioinformatics Applications, VCIRS-2019, Vavuniya Sri Lanka., pp 76-81
  • Jerom,Y. Kartheeswaran, T. , Phone Usage Pattern Analysis Towards Service Enhancement, ResCon – 2019, pp 44
  • Herath,H,M,P,K, Karunarathne, A,G,C, Liyanage,R,L.;Kartheeswaran, T, Etampawala,T and Ranasinghe,R,M,I,S. “Characterization of the Mechanical Behavior of Packaging Material Using Digital Image Processing”. IRSUWU-2018, Badulla, Sri Lanka.,pp 110
  • Kartheeswaran,T Lojenaa,N Vaishali,R Shathana,R ,“Memory Wastage analysis using variable Alignment”, 2015,ICBI-2015 ,22 November 2015.
  • Kartheeswaran,T ,Ketheesan,T , “Computational Classification of Molecular Expression of Thyroid Cancer”, SLSWCS-13 ,2013 ,14 December 2013.
  • Kartheeswaran, Mathialakan,T , “A Software Tool for Monitor the Event-Related with Print and Directory in a Computer System”, 3rd Vavuniya Campus Annual Research Session, 2010, Proceedings ISBN-1800-4911,pp16, 27 October 2010.
  • Best Performance Award in M.Sc. in Computer Science (Peradeniya, Sri Lanka)