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Posted On 27 Sep, 2020

Community Workshop on Current Environmental & Technical Issues

The community workshop on current environmental and technical issues was held under AHEAD operation of the Faculty of Applied Science on September 27, 2020. The workshop was organized for the community students from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm at the computer laboratory of the Faculty of Applied Science, Pampaimadu, Vavuniya Campus. The workshop facilitated by the undergraduate, final year students from Faculty of Applied Science, and their involvement in these programs is an amazing opportunity to disseminate their research findings and knowledge.

This workshop was organized to disseminate undergraduate students’ research findings on burning community and environment-related issues to the community students (Grade 10 and Grade 11) from the Vavuniya district, with the help of the staff of the Vavuniya Divisional Secretariat, under AHEAD/sub-activity 5.2.

The following core concepts were covered in the workshop
• Healthy lifestyle.
• Pollution awareness.
• Information Technology – Education and Opportunities
• Emerging technologies from the Information technology.
• Mobile computing fields/IoT with practical illustrations.
• Social Media Security and Preventions
• Social awareness presentations, quiz, sessions, practical sessions, and group discussions.

The workshop session started with the welcome speeches of Rector, Vavuniya Campus, and Divisional Secretariat, Vavuniya, and the introduction of the University students with the participants. Environmental students introduced the concepts of healthy lifestyle and Pollution awareness, and demonstrated the different types of healthy-plates. Higher education in information technology and job opportunities for information technology and computing fields were illustrated by ICT students of the Faculty of Applied Science. They introduced and demonstrated practically some of the Emerging technologies in information technology such as IoT, Virtual reality, Robotics, and Automation. Computer Science undergraduate final year students demonstrated on the topics of Mobile computing, Social Media Security and Preventions with practical illustrations.
The participants were asked questions during the sessions interactively and answers were discussed by the facilitating students. Feedbacks from every student were collected at the end of the workshop.

The workshop was conducted successfully and many of the participants took active part in fulltime of the workshop. The summary of the results from the feedback of the participants shows that the workshop contents well received by the participants.