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Posted On 15 Jun, 2023

Workshop –  Superbox maintenance, honey extraction techniques, and queen bee capturing

Mr. K. Thangarajasingam (previously a resource person for bee honey production) visited the University of Vavuniya on 2nd June 2023 9 am – 2.30 pm to demonstrate and train students and staff on beehive handling, honey extraction, and queen bee capturing techniques. More than 20 persons participated in the training session; an interested group of students currently in Level 3 at the Department of Bio-science participated in the short training connectable to the course module ENS3153 Environmental Biotechnology. The visit has been arranged by Dr. (Ms.) J. Nimalan (Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science and Senior Lecturer at the Department of Bio-science) and coordinated by Mr. G. Naveendrakumar (Activity Coordinator/AHEAD ELTA-ELSE Dept. DP) under the AHEAD grant sub-activity 1.1/1.2.