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The degree program is based on the bi-modal semester system. Each academic year will be considered as levels 1, 2, 3, and 4, respectively. Each level of study is divided into two semesters. One semester consists of a 15 weeks term of academic work.

Bachelor of Science Honours in Environmental Science

Students who enter the Department of Bio-Science shall follow a four-year honors degree programme. Each student who follows the honours degree programme has to complete a minimum of 120 credit units during four years of study. In addition, all the candidates are required to pass the auxiliary courses offered during the three years. Important: Grade C or above in the auxiliary course units English I & II, at the time of selection and a pass (Grade D) or above in the other auxiliary course units, are prerequisites to complete the degree programme.

During the fourth year of study, a candidate following a hounours degree course may opt for a general degree before the submission of the thesis of the research project with valid reason. The final acceptance to opt for the general degree will be subjected to the recommendation of the Faculty Board of Applied Sciences and the Campus Board.

Undergraduate research project

During the fourth year of the second semester, students shall be required to carry out a research project for one semester on a given topic under the supervision of a senior member of the academic staff in a university or senior research staff from a reputed research institute. Students have to undergo industrial training equivalent to one credit.