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Dr. (Ms.) S. Vijitharan

BScHons (Env Sc) (Jaffna), MSc (Peradeniya), PhD in Natural Resource Management (AIT, Thailand)

Senior Lecturer Gr. II

+94 770417759


Natural Resource Management, Disaster Management, Global climate Change and Environmental Change, Forestry and Environment, Forest Carbon Monitoring, Management, and Modelling

Academic Records
  • PhD in Natural Resource Management (AIT, Thailand)
  • MSc in Disaster Management (Peradeniya, Sri Lanka)
  • BScHons in Environmental Science (Jaffna, Sri Lanka)
Admin Roles

Undergraduate Teaching

  • ENS1142 – Plant Biology
  • ENS1232 – Environmental Sanitation
  • ENS2152 – Forest Environmental Biology and Management
  • ENS2233 – Environmental Disaster Management
  • ENS3292 – Plantation Forestry and Environment
  • ENS4182 – Climate Change


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